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Natural Stone - The Perfect Building Material

Published : 08/11/2018 16:55:45
Categories : Latest News

Natural stone is one of the most reliable and resilient materials for construction, capable of withstanding incredibly high amounts of stress. This fact is evident in the continued stability of historical natural stone buildings, some of which were built thousands of years ago. Natural stones are often used to cover areas that need to withstand high magnitude loads, such as outdoor floors and the driveway. However, because of technological advancements, people can now use natural stone in all areas of the home.

Bluestone Travertine Tile Outdoor (Bluestone & Travertine Tile)

The beauty of natural stone is unmatched. Some may choose to install engineered quartz products, especially as their kitchen countertops, which aim to mimic natural stone, hoping that they will be easier to maintain. Despite their ease of maintenance, engineered stone manufactured quartz will never have the aesthetics of natural stone such as marble.

New York Marble Tile (New York & Absolute Black Marble Kitchen Island)

Natural stone is environmentally friendly with low energy content. As a result, natural stone has virtually no destructive effects on the climate. This attribute of natural stone has received more attention in recent years especially from environmental groups.

Classico Travertine Tumbled Tiles (Classico Travertine Tumbled Tiles)

Natural stone can come in a wide variety of colours and shapes such as herringbone, hexagon, etc. Unlike ceramics and porcelains, natural stones can last for a very long time and can even age beautifully.

Serpeggiante Herringbone Tiles (Serpeggiante Herringbone Limestone Tiles)

Natural stone increases the value of any building and will appeal to potential buyers. There are several ways of using natural stone to achieve luxury without exceeding your budget. Our natural stone experts at Marble & Ceramic Corp are prepared to assist you in choosing the best possible natural stone to add value and luxury to your project.

Silver Travertine Tiles (Silver Travertine Tiles)

Marble & Ceramic Corp is Australia’s number one supplier of high-quality natural stone including Travertine, Marble, Limestone, Bluestone, and Granite as well as other building materials such as porcelain tiles, ceramic tiles, mosaics, stone basins, and pool tiles. Whatever your budget or taste, you will find a suitable material for your project.

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